Getting locked out of your home or vehicle is very common and can happen to just about anyone at anyplace and the situation can be real hassle especially if it happens right in the middle of the night. The first reaction is most likely to be to call up a relative or a friend to deliver a set of spare keys. But if neither of them is available the only thing is left to do is to call up an emergency 24-hour locksmith to help you open the door for a certain fee. However before just dialing a random locksmith number, one should be aware that you could be putting yourself into a real danger while calling just about any emergency locksmith.


Over the recent years there have been many cases and complaints of fraud by unlicensed Locksmith in different areas. The complaints included over charging as well as intimidation tactics. This article will help you to identify these criminals posing as locksmith and in finding the genuine service providers.

Locksmith gain access to your property and the most important reason why you should never trust a locksmith completely is that when you hire a locksmith to unlock your door they get access to your property and some locksmith companies may be fronts for thieves and they could be targeting your home when you call them up asking for locksmith services. So the most important precaution to avoid such criminals is when the Locksmith Cutler Bay arrives at your place never forgotten to ask for identification, including the locksmith license where applicable.

Get any estimate quote before any work starts, including an emergency service and ask about any additional charges for things like crisis hours, mileage or service call minimums before you consent to have the work achieve and if one site price of the locksmiths does not match the telephone approximation, don’t let the work to be execute. If the locksmith hesitates or tries to inflate the figure walk away from the deal and if the locksmith gets angry or starts threatening then don’t hesitate to call the authorities.


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